Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Thoughts from a Very Pregnant Woman

1. how is it possible to crave grapefruit and the same time?
2. what if the ultrasound is wrong, and the baby is a BOY....will he grow up with gender identity disorder because his bedroom is pink? come to think of it, most of the clothes are pink or purple. I'm probably not going to sleep tonight thinking about this one.
3. Why is pink a girl color anyway?
4. What if the name we picked out doesn't fit? or worse, it fits, but it magically becomes the number one baby name of 2009...which defeats the purpose of why we picked it in the first place. we wanted different, but not too way out there. So far its been a largely popular pick among people we ask...but then maybe they are just being polite? maybe everyone hates the name and no one will tell us.
5. Related thought to #4- everyone has oohed and ahhed over the ultrasound pictures. what if everyone is really thinking "thank God that kid is not mine..that is one UGLY baby"
6. why do I keep checking the weather channel and moaning over how cold it is outside (some-teen below freaking zero, in case you were wondering) when I dont have any energy to go anywhere anyway?
7. Am I ever going to have any energy ever again?
8. Am I the only one who thinks it is ironic that the one "proven" DIY method of inducing labor is the very same activity that got me pregnant in the first place? I have read countless pregnancy and labor websites and messageboards and it is the consensus that one must DTD (do the deed) to both get pregnant and to kick off labor.
9. OTH, one of those websites had a poster who swore up and down that her OBGYN supported her choice to smoke marijuana in order to deal with her morning sickness and be able to eat food. And other posters chimed in to support the original poster. So maybe its not the most reliable source of information.
10. Its all a mute point anyway, since I have no energy to DTD.
11. Someone said eating pineapple helps. Maybe I will try that.
12. Why do random strangers feel it is ok to touch my belly?
13. Related to #12, what made this one person that I know think it was ok to touch both my belly and my BOOBS? as in, pull my shirt up and say "ooh let me see if your milk is about to come in...." and put cold hands on my stomach and say "ooh let me see if she is moving around...have you dropped anymore?"
14. Why is it my only response to the event reported in #13 was to stand there in shock and be speechless?
15. I wonder if my child will be forever warped because I have been watching Dexter and Big Love. If not warped, at least morally confused. I probably should be watching something mild and soothing, like Little House on the Prarie. Instead I am watching a series about a serial killer with a moral code and a family that lives a polygamist lifestyle. Hmm..maybe I should be more worried about my own Warped-ness.
16. Cloth or Disposables? Breast or Formula? Why is going green and going healthy so blasted time consuming and expensive and complicated? Is the world really going to go to hell if I buy a pack of Pampers?
17. Delivery Fear: I will go into labor in the middle of a ferocious snowstorm. DH will have to put me on a sled and drag me to the main road. and then hope like hell a dog sled team comes by to mush us on to the hospital.
18. Another Delivery Fear: DH will spend more time in the birthing suite checking the stockmarket and reading his email on his blackberry than he will paying attention to my ranting and raving about how this is all his fault. And when the baby is born, he will be more engrossed in emailing the good news to everyone that he will forget to remember that I JUST GAVE BIRTH and NEED HIM. Not because he is callous and cold and unloving, but because he is..well, let's face it, he is a guy. and he is ADD. and giving birth is a largely woman thing to do. and it probably scares him. Still, I might really kill him if this scenario comes true.

The Baby's Room

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Preggo Pics

37 weeks pregnant..a beluga whale!

or, as I joked to DH..I look like a pregnant lesbian! Where did all my long hair go, you ask? We accepted an emergency placement of two toddlers a few months back (they were moved at the same time as Porkchop..back in November) who, unbeknownst to us, were crawling with headlice and had been that way for months prior to their removal. Trust me, it was a horrific experience...weeks of treatment on the kids and still the bugs kept coming...finally resolved it with buzz cuts for the kids. Only to discover that I had acquired the nasty things also! So, I opted for a buzz cut myself. There were only a few treatments we could do on me since i was pregnant, so it seemed wise to do a treatment and do the dramatic buzz job. Trust me, I actually have a TON of hair in this photo in comparison to what i looked like in the early summer.....

Still, when I went to vote this election season, baby bump belly and all, the volunteer at the townhall said to me (I kid you not) "Well young man, is this your first time voting?"

37 week ultrasound pictures! anyone still out there?

if anyone is, here are the 37 week ultrasound pictures of our baby girl (a girl!!! how ironic after trying to adopt a boy for so long and failing!)

Baby Kennedy Marie is due on the 31st of this month..but I am hoping sooner, as I look and feel like a beluga whale....

according to the handy dandy pregnancy calendar, I should be nesting big time..but I did a lot of that after our foster baby moved on (long story, big heartbreak) and our household was reduced to just us and the two dogs again. But I will talk more about our foster care journey another time..right now it is still too raw and painful to talk about (our little guy has been gone two months and I still cry at the drop of a hat for him. after having him one year and expecting to adopt him...well, you can imagine)

anyway, the funky 3D ultrasound pics! I dunno guys, the kid looks a little sqaushed and goofy looking to me....LOL
hmm....I have a few more ultrasound pics and some pregnant me pics (shudder) but I will save those for another post.....I hope to post again tonight, as I do need some advice from you all...(those of you that are left, anyway!)
Ta for now, the one lone reader who is left out there! thanks for your patience..I know its been far too long between blog postings!