Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kennedy Getting into Mischief!

Boy o Boy

Porkchop is now officially in our house full more "transitioning" between his foster family and ours!

He is doing great..but is very "clingy" to me. and only me. which is, on one hand, absolutely WONDERFUL....

On the other is wearing me out. Porkchop does not want me to spend anytime with Kennedy at ALL.

Kinda hard to do since Kennedy is still nursing and is only 9 months old and is very much a mommy's girl herself.

DH just took him outside with a toy dump truck to give him some outdoor "daddy" time..and to give me a break...

I know we will eventually even out and find a good routine for our family....until then I guess I need to clone myself!

Friday, November 06, 2009

So much to think about.....

Porkchop's SW called last week to ask us how we felt about having a type of "open adoption" agreement with his bio-mom (is that still the appropriate term?). According to the SW, Porkchop's GAL does not support reunification at this point (gee it took 2 years to come to that decision?) but is not "comfortable" with termination. However, if we were willing to be "open" then she would definitely be enthusiastic about termination.

Bio-mom's attorney is not so excited, as she pointed out (rightly) that an open adoption agreement is not legally enforcable.

Wondering if offering such an arrangement is a way for the "system" to avoid a trial and convince mom to relinquish her rights???? Seems pretty underhanded, to me.

Legally binding or not, such an agreement, is, in my mind, morally binding.

And I just dont' know how I feel about that.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Pondering Open Adoption

does anyone have any thoughts on open adoption?

How would you define open adoption?

Would you want/not want an open adoption?

If the adoption was from foster care- would that change your views on OA or affect how "open" you would be willing to be?

For the 20th time tonight....

I have read "Sheep in a Jeep"

I am beginning to think this is a stall tactic to avoid going to bed.

anyone want to rehaul my blog?

sigh. I need to get back to blogging..I miss the friendships I formed while blogging and the support of fellow bloggers.
Trouble is this blog has been so woefully neglected that it needs a major rehaul..and I don't have the time to mess with it. I really truly don't....Kennedy is now 9 months and into everything, and Porkchop (I LOVE HAVING HIM BACK!) is transitioning to us and is now a busy 2 year he needs and deserves a lot of time (plus he is a one boy wrecking crew and is dangerous around a keyboard!).....

my links are so outdated...anyone have new links for me to put up? suggestions about which links to take down?

GOTTA RUN..Kennedy just found the dog's water dish....ACK!! or should I say SPLASH?>!>!>!

Guess Who's Back?

Porkchop! It's been a long, sad time without our little buddy...but he is back now! Porkchop is transitioning to our house as an adoptive placement! He will be with us fulltime starting on November 6th.....needless to say its been CRAZY! We moved to a new house AND found out he was back in care and that the plan was now ADOPTION!!!

Of course there is a bit of a long road ahead before adoption can take place...but at least he is back with us! Now we are hoping and praying that the court system does the right thing by him and terminates parental rights....

Porkchop is now 2 and a super busy guy! He is struggling a little bit with the transition, but overall it is going well...

I'm gonna be a bit naughty here and post a pic of him....but I can't leave it up for long, so hopefully there are a few readers out there who will get a glimpse of him before I have to yank it off.....

and still more pics....

Long overdue: new pics of Kennedy!