Monday, November 02, 2009

Pondering Open Adoption

does anyone have any thoughts on open adoption?

How would you define open adoption?

Would you want/not want an open adoption?

If the adoption was from foster care- would that change your views on OA or affect how "open" you would be willing to be?


LawMommy said...

If it were a foster care adoption, and the parental rights had been cut off...I would not want an open adoption.

(In my limited experience, by the time the parental rights have been cut off by the state, the parents have done such heinous things to their children that they really, really don't deserve the courtesy.)

If it were a different situation, someone who was voluntarily relinquishing...I would be much more open to an open adoption.

Elaine said...

I think LM pretty much summed up how I'd feel, though if I'm being 100% honest the idea of any open adoption makes me nervous. However, my sister and her husband adopted their first child and have an open adoption and it has worked out wonderfully for them. I think her blog url is It's on my blog roll, anyway, if you want to contact her and get some firsthand experience with open adoption.