Friday, November 06, 2009

So much to think about.....

Porkchop's SW called last week to ask us how we felt about having a type of "open adoption" agreement with his bio-mom (is that still the appropriate term?). According to the SW, Porkchop's GAL does not support reunification at this point (gee it took 2 years to come to that decision?) but is not "comfortable" with termination. However, if we were willing to be "open" then she would definitely be enthusiastic about termination.

Bio-mom's attorney is not so excited, as she pointed out (rightly) that an open adoption agreement is not legally enforcable.

Wondering if offering such an arrangement is a way for the "system" to avoid a trial and convince mom to relinquish her rights???? Seems pretty underhanded, to me.

Legally binding or not, such an agreement, is, in my mind, morally binding.

And I just dont' know how I feel about that.

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